Ezine Advertising A Powerful Way To Build Your Downline

Many old-school network marketers still prefer to buy and cold-call leads to recruit new members into their network marketing business. There's nothing wrong with this, but I personally prefer to embrace online techniques, which on the whole are just as effective, if not more so. Ezine advertising in particular is, in my opinion, one of the best ways of growing your downline. An ezine is simply a newsletter delivered in electronic format, via email, to opt-in subscribers who have chosen to receive it.

The content of these ezines usually centre around a specific subject, so by identifying ezines whose readers would be interested in your network marketing opportunity, you can access a highly targeted market through paid advertisements in these ezines. There are various types of advertising available in these ezines, that cater for all budgets. Indeed some ezines even provide free classified advertising for it's subscribers.

However, for greater results you will want to purchase advertising space in these ezines. Generally you can pay to place your ad at the top of the ezine, in the middle, or at the bottom. It's been proven that the higher up your ad appears, the more exposure your ad will receive.

Advertising prices generally reflect this fact. These types of advertising are okay, but if you want to see dramatic results from your advertising you should purchase a solo ad from the ezine owner. Solo ads are simply standalone email messages sent separately from the actual newsletter itself. They enable you to write longer, more detailed ads, that promote your network marketing company, and will be sent to every subscribed member of an ezine, ensuring that your message gets the undivided attention of the ezine subscribers. These types of ads are the most expensive but I've always found them to be the most effective.

For optimum success I recommend finding ezines whose readers are likely to be interested in your offer, and subscribing to the ezine first to see how good the content is, and how often solo ads are sent out. Ideally you want to find those that don't send out solo ads too often, and those with a highly responsive readership. This is important because although the size of an ezine's readership is a factor, it's the responsiveness of the ezine readership (plus of course the quality of your ad copy) that will ultimately determine how successful your advertising will be. So don't just target ezines with high readership, try out ezines of varying sizes and test the responsiveness of each one. A good way of finding out how responsive an ezine is is by asking the ezine owner how soon your solo ad will be sent out. If you find that it will go out almost immediately, then you know that there isn't a long list of advertisers waiting for their ad to run, but if you find that there is a waiting period of at least a few weeks, then you at least know that advertising in their ezine is in great demand, so must be quite responsive.

To conclude, if you want to successfully promote your network marketing opportunity online, then advertising in targeted ezines, particularly through solo ads, is one form of advertising that I can strongly recommend.

James Woolley is an active online marketer who is currently promoting two network marketing programs. For more information click here: The NPN Review Success University Review

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