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Property to Rent This section in the South African property market has been growing, largely due to the property boom we have experienced lately. For the new home buyer it has become virtually imposable to afford a home of choice and therefore the next, although not the cheapest option is to rent. It can become very complicated if you do not have the people trained in Property Rentals to assist you.

Fortunately, all over the Republic of South Africa there are registered, well established real estate agents, trained to help you make the right choice. Once you have decided on an agent in your area, there are quite a few personal details required of you. Real Estate Agents dealing in rented houses or flats are well trained.

Their aim is to satisfy the owner of the property as well as the lessee. Most of the rented dwellings in South Africa are privately owned and depending, largely on location, are quite affordable. The Estate Agent will normally be in a position to give you a variety of houses or flats and also in the area of your choice. After you have viewed the property and made your decision, the agent, whose duty it is to show the property to you, will help you to complete all the relevant documentation. By law you are required to supply the renting agency with details such as your previous rental history, your financial position, monthly remuneration as well as other minor details concerning yourself.

This information is needed to put the renting agency in a position to decide whether you are the sort of client that will be able to comply with all the various requirements regarding the contract. In most cases the owner are very seldom involved with the every running of the property. Monthly rentals are paid into the Estate Agents banking account and all complaints regarding the upkeep of the property are to be reported to the agency. All agents dealing in property in South Africa should be registered with the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa. This is the biggest body in the Republic of South Africa and has regional offices in most of the provincial capital cities.

The institute's main aim is to have closer contact with Estate Agents and they also provide the necessary training in this growing market. Property rentals has become a lucrative business and conglomerates take full advantage in buying plots of land for development and then put it in the market through the Real Estate Agents. The Situation in South Africa at present is ideal for both the property developer and the property rental offices, due to the urbanization taken place. Another factor influencing the property market is the influx of foreigners from countries further north on the continent. New areas of land have been earmarked by the Government for development.

This can mean the dawn of very prosperous times for Estate Agents and developers alike and with the affordability of house and flats for rent, every is a winner.

Villa Jaiswar is the Author of the Article South Africa Property for Sale. She is the CEO of PropertyHome Private Property in South Africa. Visit Property Home if you have Property for Sale in South Africa Real Estate Agents here.

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