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This provides you with the option premium while your maximum risk is infinite (the stock can potential increase to infinity, ha). Instead of buying the shares you decide to buy call options on Google (GOOG). This strategy is implemented by simply buying a put option on a stock that an investor feels will decline in value. When you buy a company's stock, you are purchasing partial ownership of that company because you now own a percentage of the company's shares. While leasing a vehicle continues to offer certain tax advantages, getting low and attractive interest rates can make financing a relatively easier one. You know this will effect Starbucks (SBUX) bottom line so you decide to implement a long straddle because you are not sure which candidate will win.

The goal of investing is to gain a return on your money. Call options are the right but not the obligation to purchase an agreed upon amount of stock at a particular price in the future. This strategy is implemented by purchasing a call option on a stock while shorting the stock. The rewards can often be double the initial investment cost.

This type of investment can be rewarding if the company's value skyrockets. Parts and labour input involved often mean the investor has to allow for ongoing costs until the restoration is complete. Say GOOG is trading at $550 at expiration of the call options:. James McInnes is a professional share market trader and investment entrepreneur, with many years experience trading the Australian Share market. This strategy is used when an investor is moderately bearish on a stock (the bearish equivalent of the Bull Call Spread).

Investors use this strategy when they think a large price more will occur in a stock but are unsure of which direction the stock will move. You may also think a particular industry, like the medical industry, will grow significantly so you would want a mutual fund that invests accordingly. The Long Put is a popular strategy because of its simplicity and is used by investors who want a leveraged and limited risk method to participating in an expected decline in a stocks price.

The greater the bearishness of an investors forecast, the further out of the money and further apart the strike prices should be. While poor management is most often cited as the reason why businesses fail, inadequate or poorly-timed financing runs as a close second. You may want to save money for retirement, your child's education, or to own your own home. In the United States and Canada, there are an estimated 12,400 limousine companies, which operate some 126,000 vehicles. Why? With the right to sell shares at higher prices, investors enjoy additional profit.

The growing economy is an indicator of how businesses thrive, and grow these days. The valuation becomes the critical point in deciding the purchase price. Short Combination (Short Strangle): This strategy is similar to the Short Straddle as you write a call and a put option; however, the difference is that with a short combination you use different strike prices.

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