Introduction to Government Auctions for Home Purchases

Government auctions are a source of low cost home purchases that virtually anyone can make. Property that is sold in this type of auction is generally seized from those that have broken the law. For example, the house may have come from a drug seize or from a person who did not pay taxes on their property. As a result, these types of homes are available to those who wish to purchase them. They are sold in an auction style format, which allows virtually anyone to make a bid and win the prize.

But, are government auctions a money pit? Some people believe that if they do buy this type of house, they will somehow lose money. While this is certainly not the norm, it is true if you do not do your homework. Proper research ahead of time avoids the whole "lose your rational thinking in the heat of the excitement" factor, which often times occurs in an auction like atmosphere. Buyers can also lose money if they make the wrong purchase at the wrong time. For those that need the opportunity to get ahead and those that know what they should and should not do, government auctions can be a great opportunity. To stay out of the money pitfalls that many face, consider these things.

* Do enough research to understand what is being offered. Consider size, location, and learn about any known repairs that may be needed. Make that you consider these elements when making a bid on government auctions.

* Take some time to understand the value of the product. To know what the value of a product is likely to be, invest time in learning what other products that are similar to it have sold for. Compare features and like and dislike elements to come to a base price.

* Consider past auctions and how well the same types of products were bid on. And, if you can find it, what they sold for. * Consider traveling to the property in question and taking a look at it, if this is okayed with the government owners.

When you take the time to get the valuable information about the value of the property that you are bidding on, you can formulate a better solution. You can bid smarter and ultimately, get a better price for it. You also will not invest in property that is worthless to you or that has been bid on so heavily that it no longer is worth the value it has. A little homework can save you a tremendous amount of money.

Benefits Of The Government Auction By far the biggest benefit of using a government auction is that there is generally property that is offered well below its retail value. That means you can often purchase these pieces of property for much less than what you would have if you were to purchase it from a standard buyer. Homes can be purchased, remodeled, or updated if necessary, and then resold for a profit by the owner. If you are interested in investing in home purchases, this is one way to do so. Better yet, some homes may not need any updating as they may even be brand new. You may even be able to find luxury homes that you can easily make into your second home for much less.

In some cases, financing companies can help out with these purchases as well. This allows many to be able to get involved with the government auction. Government auctions offer options. If you are considering the purchase of a home and are looking to purchase only if you can find a great deal, consider them.

In many ways, you will see the benefits within just a few minutes. In other cases, it may take you a few minutes to actually find the right options available. There is no guarantee that if you make a bid for the property that you will get it, but you will be able to bid against others until you are satisfied.

Tabitha Naylor is an experienced mortgage broker/consultant with Apex Financial Mortgage. For more information, or additional resources on home loans, visit Apex Financial Mortgage

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