Simple Techniques To Add People To Your Business That Your Upline Wont Tell You About

Number 1 - promote your product, not your opportunity. This is not what you are taught when you attend your weekly 'Opportunity' meetings. Your company is based on a good product or service, or you wouldn't be involved with it. Be passionate about your product or service, and build your marketing campaign around the value and benefits of consuming that product or service. You need your prospects to become customers first; customers who will become passionate about your product or service, and who will then continue to be consumers. If prospects join your business based on the opportunity alone, what is going to happen if they don't start making money right away? They give up and you will have to go and find someone else to replace them; and so the cycle continues.

Number 2 - Master a tool that allows you to connect with the most amount of people, in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of money. That tool is the telephone. How many people can you take to a weekly opportunity meeting? How many people can you talk to on the telephone in 2 hours, using a script that takes just a few minutes to complete, with a list of people who already want what you have to offer? And I'm not talking about your friends and family. If they wanted what you have to offer they would have jumped right in the first time you offered it.

So, why are you wasting your time trying to convince them? Number 3 - Position yourself as the expert. Forget 3 way calls with your upline and taking prospects to listen to someone else at an opportunity meeting. Become the leader in your business and have people listen to you. Learn all the skills you need to grow your own business from prospecting through to closing and be the CEO of your business.

Grow your business for your benefit, not your company's benefit. Most network marketing companies teach you methods that work for them, not you. Think about it this way. If your upline has 100 distributors who each bring 1 prospect a week to an opportunity meeting, and 50% of those prospects join the business, then your upline has grown their business by 50 people a week. On the other hand, half of those 100 distributors have grown their businesses by just 1 person a week.

Which side of that fence would you rather be on? If the techniques taught by most companies really work, then why do more than 90% of network marketers fail to achieve a significant income. In fact, most people who walk the trail of tears do so with the heavy burden of an overloaded credit card. A debt that will take years to clear due to the huge number of DVD's, brochures, catalogues, etc. purchased to grow the business for someone else, certainly not the individual.

If you are serious about growing your business, then forget about your list of friends and family, 3 way-calling, and opportunity meetings. Don't waste your time talking to everyone you meet about your opportunity; most of them simply are not interested and won't stay in your business long if they do join. Master the 3 techniques above, and grow your business for your own benefit, not the benefit of your company.

Bill Shaw is a qualified Graduate in the Art and Science of Marketing. Bill works with distributors in the USA and internationally. Visit Bill's website to see the guarantees for your success at or call 1-415-335-4809

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