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5 Tips to Heat Up Your On-Line Marketing Using Off-Line Tactics

The internet of course brings a huge arena of marketing opportunities for you. The ability to do business with people around the world has now been made readily available through a web site and email. It truly has leveled the playing field and has provided ALL of us with the opportunity of taking our business to the global level.

How powerful is that!!

While everyone is focusing on their "eBusiness" they are missing the potential that exists in using off line marketing approaches to boost their online marketing efforts.

Here are five things you can do to heat up your efforts:


Actually if you are already using Articles as a marketing tactic for your on line marketing efforts, use the same articles for off line publications as well. Publishers regardless of the fact they are on or off line are ALL looking for good, valuable content.


You know the effects that advertising on line can have for your business. You already have an ad that pulls for you on line. Then why not give it a shot off line and see if you can tap into another possible market. Again, with the local newsletters in your community and any small business groups there are. Check out their rates and start using off line advertising to generate some exposure from off line sources. Remember that you have to pay for this advertising so in that regard, advertising in something that you can afford and afford for a long period of time.


By attending a networking mixer you are getting the best of both worlds. You get the chance to get out and break out of that bubble AND you also get to spread the word about your business by talking with others!! Depending upon the format, many of these mixers are of a referral nature. Meaning they allow only one business from each industry and through each member's dealings if they find someone looking for your service or product... then you will get a referral to follow up on.

Business Cards

A business card can end up in more places than you can even dream possible. They are a cost effective marketing tool. How many places do you go to on a regular basis where you could just leave a few business cards on a counter??? Now even if you are an eBusiness owner you can still use this to your advantage.

Here are a few things to consider when getting your cards done.

1. Do not go with black printing on a white card. It screams cheap and newbie. If money is tight, understandable, but go for a coloured card stock with a matching coloured print. It is still inexpensive and it doesn't scream new, or "Herb Tarlick" marketing practices.
2. Include your business name, contact name, phone number, site address, web site address and of course your address. If for security reasons you don't want to include your home address then that's fine. However, make sure you have ALL possible ways for a potential customer to do business with you.
3. USE THE BACK OF THE CARD...what a waste of potential marketing opportunities. So many people forget about this. A business card is a mini- billboard...use it ALL. On the back you could have a few tips and then the email address to your autoresponder for them to get more info. I had an Accountant use the back of her card by providing all the applicable phone numbers to all the tax offices that a business owner would need. Another client of mine is a travel agent and he included all the 1-800 numbers for the prime airlines and car rental agencies. The idea is to make your card a keeper ;o)

Business Alliances

Ok, on line we refer to these as Joint Ventures, Business Alliances is the same thing, but only the name has been changed. Leverage yourself by finding another business owner off line, where you can set up an alliance and piggy back each other's marketing efforts. This one takes a little time and effort to set up, but, once it is again you are tapping into prospects that would never have found you otherwise. There you go, five quick tips and in some regards you can use the same tactic in both on and off line why not???

Author: Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

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