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Network Marketing- What REALLY is Network Marketing and MLM- Bottom Line?
by Doug Firebaugh

The question MANY people have as they THINK about starting a home-business is this:

WHAT REALLY IS Network Marketing and MLM?


What you see Network Marketing and MLM as, has a lot to do with your perspective you were given at the time you were signed up, or what you have heard from other people if you are just looking at Network marketing and considering MLM. Every company has their own "Corporate Culture" that is unique to them, and is part of who they are.

This will influence heavily your view of what Network Marketing is. We will simply give you our views and definition after 22 years in the industry, and also to empower your ability to perform in the marketplace with Network Marketing at maximum capacity.

Network Marketing, or MLM, is considered basically a personal channel of distribution business ,for goods and services that also can have a "Mini Franchise" opportunity attached. We call Network Marketing "Personal Distribution." You can join a network marketing company and personally distribute your products to customers, and then recruit a Rep group that you can obtain a percentage of royalties from, by overriding your groups volume. This is much like a real estate broker, and this allows you to build an override structure off of what volume and business your team builds.

And most look at Network Marketing as exactly that. A system for creating wealth through your efforts as well as other people's efforts.

Nothing wrong there, but there is a huge void in that reality. Before you can build a group that does not fall apart, or go away, you MUST understand what MLM and network marketing REALLY is from a Big Picture standpoint, and all the rest will fall into line. There are many explanations out in the marketplace of Network Marketing, but let's look at it from a BIGGER Picture, and Bottom Line.

All Network Marketing REALLY is, is a Personal Development System, masterfully molded into a business of product distribution, that can be duplicated. Did you get that?


What that means is Network Marketing and MLM requires and DEMANDS Personal Growth and Development from you in order to Succeed in this business. There is no other way to Succeed in Network Marketing.


Here is an INFERNO Secret that MOST people will never tell you when you first come into MLM:

Most people bring inadequate attitudes, skills and habits to Network Marketing, and with that, they try to build a business with skills that have produced failure in the past, and guarantee failure again.

No, they don't plan to fail, they just have not developed the necessary skills to the level that is required to Succeed in MLM, simple and plain. Those skills cannot PRODUCE Success because they are not prepared FOR success.

Did you get that?

And most are never told that their skills are lacking and need refining and building. Network Marketing is not a cake walk, and does require a SOLID set of skills to Succeed.

And that is why we at PassionFire believe that LEADERSHIP is the Secret Weapon to this business of Network Marketing. People will follow you into this business, if you lead them with strength, and grow them into Success. You must learn to lead you and others on a Power Path of Growth, which will increase the odds of you Succeeding in MLM Tremendously.

You must Learn in Network Marketing and MLM:

1. Company info and how to present.
2. Product Info and how to present.
3. Pay Plan info and the parts to it.
4. How to Recruit.
5. How to Train.
6. How to Duplicate and more.

And HOW you do that will depend on the Skillset you bring to this business. Especially the Master Skill- The COMMUNICATION skill.

Here is a Secret. You get PAID to do one thing in Network Marekting, and everything else revolves around it.

What is it?

COMMUNICATING with people!

And if you bring an inadequate communication style, habits, focus, and skills with you into this business, you will fail. Period.

Leadership, partly, is about Masterful Communication, and no matter how good you are with people, you MUST have a masterful skillset to communicate with folks, and that is where Personal Growth comes in for network marketing.

You must grow and develop your skills to the level that this business DEMANDS, and that requires work, study, and experience in the field.

ALL millionaires in this business GREW to the level of GREATNESS that was required of them and beyond. Most did not come into Network Marketing with those skills already intact. They GREW INTO the Business, day by day, week by week, call by call, and hour by hour.

Now the Question is, How?

The answer is through MLM and Network Marketing Personal Development, and Mastery in Communication. Those are TWO KEY Secrets to both MLM and Network Marketing Leadership Success.

Yes, Network Marketing is:

1. A channel and business of Personal Distribution.
2. A Business of "Mini Franchises" that can be duplicated.
3. A direct sales business.
4. A "People Business" for average people to grow to do extraordinary things.

BUT, in wrapping this up, all Leaders understand the TRUE business they are in, in Network Marketing. You are in the business of Touching and Changing People's Lives, Including your own!"

In the palm of your hand, you hold a Power with MLM. It is a Power to change people's lives radically, in many ways, with what this industry can bring to it, as well as bring to your own life. What you do with that Life Changing Power in Network Marketing is up to you!

You can tap into that Power and start a WildFire of Growth and Success in your life, and then Spread the Fire to others. How? Through Growth and increasing your own skills as well as others through Engaging this business of Network marketing on a daily basis, and teaching it to others, so they can do the same.

And then, an amazing thing happens:

We call it the "DoubleBuild".(sm). As you build the business, the business is building you!

And that is how you grow in this business. By studying it, doing it, and focusing on Personal Growth in Network Marketing, and the rest will help create the Person you need to become, in order to create the Life you want to live, and help others do the same, through Leadership.

Network Marketing then, is a Power you have tapped into. A Life-changing Power, that demands growth from you, to be able to unleash that greatness inside of you, and then help others do the same through their business (which is your downline).

That is How you Create Wealth in this business. Get into the business, grow into the business, and then seed and grow greatness into others, through the Power in this business called Network Marketing. And YOU can create wealth like crazy in MLM, with that formula!

Bottom Line, that is what MLM and Network Marketing is truly about and really is: A Personal Distribution System for products, that can be taught and duplicated by other people, and when you do that, it changes people's lives and lifestyle with it's multiplying income and life changing power. THAT REALLY is Network marketing and MLM.

blessings...doug (c) 2005/ all rights reserved

PassionFire Intl

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